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FAQ – frequently asked questions.

What does an in-person session look like?

Sessions begin with conversation about intentions for your healing.  We bring to “the surface” the items you wish to address.  Then we get you on the massage table to relax and explore how your body wants to help you navigate the healing changes for the session.   Some parts of the session may involve me touching specific areas of your body to enhance awareness to your healing.  I am also able to hold above your body if touch is not comfortable for you.

How do zoom sessions differ? And are they as effective?
Zoom sessions also start with a conversation about intentions for your healing.  Then instead of getting you on the massage table, we get you comfortable in a chair or lying comfortably on a couch or bed.  You just need to be able to engage in minor conversation with me as we move through the session.  Distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions as we are working on your healing in the Consciousness Level, so your physical presence is not actually required.

How many sessions do you suggest?
In the beginning I suggest four sessions, usually about two weeks apart.  Most clients have been in this body for a while and it takes a bit for us to navigate through the layers of dis-ease to return to your best state.  These sessions can also be done purely for the joy of getting a “tune-up” or relaxing on the massage table for a spa-like experience. 

How long are the sessions?
Standard session are 50 minutes long.  If we are working deeply on an issue or if you desire longer table time for a more relaxing experience, then 80-minute sessions are available. 

What should I wear?
Be comfortable.  Loose casual clothes, cotton is best, are recommended.  Tight fitting clothing sometime limits the information available to pass from your body to my intuition.  I usually ask clients to remove jewelry when possible and set cell phones to airplane mode while we work.

Quick Tip
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What if I fall asleep?
Some clients do fall asleep once we get them settled lying down.  That means that your body is letting you know that resting is part of the healing journey for your session.  While it is helpful to have you awake and available to answer questions that arise, it is not necessary to complete the session work.

Is this covered by my insurance?
The alternative approach of these healing sessions is not covered by insurance.  Sadly, it is not valued as a “medical modality” even though great results can be experienced and even enhance medical treatment you may be receiving from another provider.

Do you work with children?
Yes, anyone of any age can benefit from these services.  Children often do well in this realm as they are not subject to the years of stress and habits that we adults adopt.

When you do an energy and intuitive read on me, “What secrets do you know about me?”
I can’t read minds and intuitive work only shows me things that you/your body is ready for me to see and work with.  During an energy read, I get images and interpret them to the best of my ability. But only the client knows the true meaning of the images and the messages they are offering to you for learning and healing.

Is this therapy?
We could say this is self-assisted discovery. Sessions offer you the opportunity to understand the “how and why” you react the way you do to certain situations.  You might be guided to uncover the limiting beliefs that you carry around that are causing stagnation or blocks in your life.   Or examine the stress or stuck emotions that are the cause of your physical suffering. 

You are welcome to share anything about yourself you wish. The more you share the deeper we can go. If sharing is uncomfortable, your body knows the story and healing will still happen.

What can I expect after the session?
Every individual has their own journey to healing.  After a session you may feel rested, relaxed and like you’ve been to the spa.  You may be energized with a physical and emotional lightness like walking on air.  If we uncovered some heavy but valuable information, you may leave feeling like you’ve done some physical heavy lifting and are tired and in need of a nap.  After all sessions I recommend being gentle with yourself for the next day or two letting your body settle into the healing changes that were made.  Get good rest and drink extra water. 

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Where else can I find you?
I am listed on a number of other websites:

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