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Vicki Tracy CBP,


About Vicki – I am a knowledgeable, emotionally intelligent woman who has an insatiable appetite for learning. I am compassionate, full of joy and love that I enjoy sharing with others. I’m excited to help people find what they need through touch, self-awareness, and self-discovery. My hopes are to help you heal through these methods.

Vicki Tracy About

I was born and raised on the peninsula of Washington State, where the Olympic Mountains became my playground (hiking, picnics, swimming in the creeks).  I have remained in Washington all my life. After high school I moved north to the Everett area where I have settled my practice.  My husband and I have a home on Camano Island, which offers me a view of the Olympic Mountains reminding me of the joyful times there.  I love the beauty of Washington State.  The water, mountains, the lush greenery, along with friends and family is what keeps me here.

I enjoy meditation, reading and writing poetry, and being outdoors in nature,
whether in quiet contemplation or walking and hiking with friends. I am a
curious explorer, always looking for new experiences and new things to learn.

My fascination with how the body works is what drew me to study different healing modalities like  HakomiBodyTalk, Reiki, and more.  When you buy anything; a car, a new dishwasher, you get an owner’s manual. Humans don’t come with a manual. We are left to figure ourselves out around all aspects of life: emotional, physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual.  With my combined trainings I am able to offer you whole-body healing which treats you top-to-bottom and inside-and-out, supporting your overall wellbeing.  These healing sessions bring me joy that touches my heart and soul.  I was truly made for this work.


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Thank you for reading about me. If you have any questions, here is my FAQ page or if you want to reach out you can do so via the contact page or by phone: 425-298-5111

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Let my blend of services help guide you to reach the healing you already have inside you 

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