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Booking & Rates

My rates are as follows:
50-minute sessions $125
80-minute sessions $180

REMOTE SESSION (for established clients) $90

I accept Cash, CashApp, PayPal, and checks from established clients.

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New?  Schedule a FREE pre-appointment call to see if what I do is right for you. I value getting to know my clients and nurturing a good working relationship with them. I most enjoy people who are looking for lasting growth and the desire to take the knowledge home with them. Those open to continuous growth will gain the most from my sessions.

All sessions are by appointment only. 

My Space

I’m easy to get to just off the Boeing Freeway in Everett with easy parking. I have a private office that is cozy, comfortable, and inviting. 

Thank you for reading my rates. If you have any questions, here is my FAQ page or if you want to reach out you can do so via the contact page.

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Is this covered by my insurance?

The alternative approach of these healing sessions is not covered by insurance.  Sadly, it is not valued as a “medical modality” even though great results can be experienced and even enhance medical treatment you may be receiving from another provider.

Is this therapy?

We could say this is self-assisted discovery. Sessions offer you the opportunity to understand the “how and why” you react the way you do to certain situations.  You might be guided to uncover the limiting beliefs that you carry around that are causing stagnation or blocks in your life.   Or examine the stress or stuck emotions that are the cause of your physical suffering. 

You are welcome to share anything about yourself you wish. The more you share the deeper we can go. If sharing is uncomfortable, your body knows the story and healing will still happen.

The above questions and answers was taken form my FAQ. I answer more questions about my services there.


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Booking & Rates
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