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Physical and Emotional Support

through Energy Healing

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Not all ailments come from physical breakdowns in the body. They are the product of circumstances, events, and emotions that get “stuck” in our bodies. What affects the mind also affects the body. Let’s work on both.

Vicki Tracy CBP, CHT, RP

Vicki Tracy is all about comfort: finding comfort in your emotions, and in your body around physical aches and pains. Or perhaps you just need to be nurtured and relax, to get away from your busy day for a while.

Vicki believes that what affects the mind also affects the body, and vice versa. By discovering the conflicts or mixed messages between the two you can resolve distress and discomfort and feel more ease in your life. Your healing session is custom-tailored for your needs using many skills and techniques, giving you exactly what you need rather than a one-size-fits-all experience.


Sessions are available via video conference or by phone in the comfort of your own home, as well as in person in my Everett, WA studio. 

Offering: Reiki, BodyTalk & Hakomi.

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Vicki Tracy PLLC is a place where you will receive your own individual recipe for a successful journey. Vicki has many skills and tools for helping you create together the journey you desire. As with all trips you may find roadblocks but also spectacular scenic detours and wondrous sites. Vicki will be your guide to helping you not get lost or encourage your adventurous side to adjust course. You will be supported as a whole-body system. Up, down, inside, and out. Neck up talk coaching, neck down body experiences of energy healing, inside through mindfulness, tantra and spirituality, and out helping you make the external changes you desire.


Vicki’s gift is to go gently with permission into the unconscious to help you ask, “Why am I feeling this way?” or, “What is holding me back?” You might get information around your physical pain. You can discover why you always feel bad at work, or why certain situations flare up physical or emotional pain. You may have an idea or goal in mind, but your body has a belief that does not co-exist with that idea. Working against yourself with this conflict brings many side effects and discomfort. Discover why and learn better ways to deal with the situation.


Sessions are available on-line via Zoom or in-person.  Your assisted self-discovery happens using mindfulness exercises, experiments, and gentle curiosity to explore past experiences. The results of these explorations are often increased clarity and creativity, renewed confidence, and awareness of the present moment. Vicki really develops a rapport between herself and her clients offering loving presence and the use of nurturing touch to further assist the self-study.

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There is no subject off-limits. This is a safe place to share and release emotions. All of you is welcome here.

What clients are saying about Vicki Tracy

Vicki’s ability to observe my potential in a way that I never thought of has helped me become more comfortable in my own skin.  Which is something I’ve been desperate to feel since I was a young girl.  Her open mind and open heart helped me better understand pieces of myself that I had left untouched.  She helped me awaken pieces of me that have been lying dormant for years.  Vicki normalizes topics that are often considered taboo or uncomfortable societal beliefs.  I always look forward to having a session with her to see what will be revealed next!  —T.A. California.

Vicki’s complete acceptance and understanding allows me to completely relax into the session letting the most profound experiences unfold. There seems to be no limit to her learning, she taps into something more powerful than human knowledge. In every session with Vicki, I am confident knowing that we will uncover a new level of health for my body-mind.  —T.K. New York

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